All new!!

October 22, 2006

wah, taking decisions is not new to me.. and as well as getting confused over what to do. From the recent past ,i was wondering what exactly am i doing?? on the internet!!!

i was simply orkutting,reading some bullshit etc… other than this ,i’ve been doing NOTHING. All the time i keep thinking iam capable of doing some thing big, but at the same time iam doing nothing in order to do something big. offlate i’ve realised that if this contiues ,this is going nowhere.. obviously i’ll end up as a frustrated soul.. which iam almost half already.

So, finally i made up my mind. iam gonna take-up this seriously,common..i’ll not curse my luck all the time ,for what iam now.. look at my friends whom i consider,living a better life,they are also not as lucky as Iam,when it comes to some things…. So, i’ll stick to my basic funda. “if you are doing ANY thing , do it perfectly, No mistakes from my side”.

may be i’ll find a new person in me.. atleast i’ll try… Today my brother asked me what are my plans.. iam not sure what to say because, iam totally confused, some time i feel i’ve to be part of something as great as google etc.. or some time i feel to help society, some times i feel to become a Teacher… But iam not aamir khan to play somany roles.. i’ll focus on one thing from now.. which i wish it would happen..

Am I busy???

October 2, 2006

I don’t remember when was the last time I missed this celebration.Yes it was a kind of celebration to me,because I used to meet all my friends in school.But unfortunately today I had to go to the office…ofcourse when I got the mail regarding the wish of gandhi..that it good to work on his birthday, I felt a bit excited that I’m doing nothing wrong..

But today when I was in the office,I realised that I was doing nothing instead ,I was wasting my time and I lost the oppurtunity to meet my friends.. I don’t know when iam going to meet them again…

It was not my manager’s mistake who asked me to come on this festival day .. but it was entirely mine.. if I was a bit more determined about today and if i were less lazy I could have learnt more and could have enjoyed more.. I missed both…

hey listen, if you remain to be lazy and let the time pass by you, I hope you will be the biggest looser on earth…I still remember theĀ  quote “busiest man on earth has time to do everything”..

I can’t say that from tommorow people will see a brand new me.. however you will see an improved me..atleast I’ll try to spend my time with a good quality……

Hello world!

May 11, 2006

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